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Sunshine Media Marketing brings your story to life in vibrant colors through stunning photos, engaging emails, and unforgettable live, virtual events. 

We'll discuss your goals, what tools you're currently using,
what you need, and then we'll bring your story to life!



Founder & Creative Director

My mission with Sunshine Media Marketing is to take care of the heavy lifting with your content and create memorable experiences for your audience.

Storytelling is a necessity in every business. Whether that's in photos, live events, education, or interviews, I fill in the gaps with your content, saving you time and bringing your vision to life with intention.




Product Certification


HubSpot Academy: Email Marketing

Litmus Certified-Designer-Kelly-Lamano-S

Email Designer


Google Analytics


SMS Marketing & Partner Certification


HubSpot Academy: Inbound Marketing


In 2018, I founded SPARK Orlando, a local chapter of the national nonprofit the Freelancers Union, hosting monthly workshops for independent workers, entrepreneurs, and side hustlers and partnering with local coworking spaces to host the events.

I also co-founded and co-organized The Freelancers Conference 2020, a two-day virtual conference that welcomed 1,300+ registrants from 20+ countries, and $5,000+ in donations to the Freelancers Relief Fund.


Monica Heiz
SPARK Orlando at Industrious Orlando

These events give people the tools they need to level up in their business, meet other freelancers, and feel more comfortable talking about starting, pivoting, and celebrating their business.

I started the SPARK Orlando chapter because I wanted to learn more about freelancing, and I wanted to meet other freelancers, learn from them, and exchange stories. There wasn't anything like this group in the area, so it was a learn-as-you-go process, the best way to learn, right?


Our community has grown to 350+ members and counting, and we continue supporting each other virtually.


Panel with Whitney Gonzalez, Joshua and Jeanette Johnson
September 2019 SPARK at Pipeline Orlando


My background is in print journalism: interviewing, writing, editing, photography, newspaper and magazine layout, with some on-camera work, video package scripting, and editing.

I also worked in digital publishing for 5 years, helping global publishers, including Game Informer, Golfweek, and strategy+business.

I managed 100+ clients, helped jumpstart a company newsletter, created internal and external tutorials, and led client + company email marketing and digital subscription efforts.

Now, I love working on a variety of creative projects and troubleshooting tech concerns. I love challenging myself every day, learning new skills, stepping outside my comfort zone, and guiding clients like you in business storytelling.


Outside of work, I've been playing guitar for 16 years. I took chorus for a few days as a school elective, wasn't crazy about it, and switched to guitar class (rebellious, right?).

I went on to sing and play duets at open mics, placing third in my college's "Southern's Got Talent" show for a duet of "Falling Slowly" from the musical Once! Later, I played open mic nights at the Melrose Center.

Now, I play guitar for fun, alternating between learning techniques and writing interview features for music publications.


Now that you know more about the person behind the company,
I'd love to learn about your business and your content needs!

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